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Taking care of yourself is the most important investment you can make.  Individual therapy is available in Coffs Harbour. 
Supervision for psychologists, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals is also available.

Dr Elizabeth Foley   

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) Macquarie University
Masters Degree in Psychology (Clinical), University of NSW
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) with Honours, University of QLD

I have been a clinical psychologist for over 15 years and the Jungian approach has been central to the way I work for over a decade. This involves working together to bring unconscious elements of the psyche into a more balanced relationship with conscious awareness in an effort to discover meaning, facililitate maturation of the personality and improve mental health. The therapy process with each person is different, honouring our individuality.


Those wishing to make deeper life changes may be best suited to this opportunity. A focus on relationships and the illumination of unconscious patterns are central to the way I work. 

My work is based on decades of training & experience in mindfulness and acceptance based approaches. 

My academic training and several years lecturing in Clinical Psychology will help you access the most effective and relevant practices.

My background in research, writing and publishing may assist those who are currently training or those with advanced skills who wish to publish their work.

Research & Lecturing

I have provided extensive workshop, intensive retreat training and supervision to health professionals learning to teach mindfulness over the last decade.   

I have managed and supervised a dozen clinical trials of mindfulness and ACT interventions with various populations.

I have an interest in Health Psychology including psycho-oncology and existential issues associated with ill health.  I have lectured to Masters & Doctorate Clinical Psychology students at Macquarie University for several years.

Individual and group supervision is available.  This supervision opportunity is particularly relevant for those wishing to develop skill in working with issues relating to identity, longer term repetitions and interpersonal issues. I bring a wealth of experience in assessment and case formulation. The importance of what the clinician contributes to the therapeutic process will also be thought about.  Those wishing to learn more about acceptance based therapies and jungian psychotherapy may be best suited to this opportunity.  I am a qualified supervisor for counsellors, psychologists, clinical psychologists, health psychologists and researchers.    

Recent Publications
  • Suzanne K. Chambers, Stefano Occhipinti, Elizabeth Foley, Samantha Clutton, Melissa Legg, Martin Berry, Martin R. Stockler, Mark Frydenberg, Robert A. Gardiner, Stephen J. Lepore, Ian D. Davis, and David P. Smith (2016). Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Journal of Clinical Oncology 35:291-297.
  • Lesley Stafford, Naomi Thomas, Elizabeth Foley, Fiona Judd,Penny Gibson, Angela Komiti, Jeremy Couper, Litza Kiropoulos (2014). Comparison of the acceptability and benefits of two mindfulness-based interventions in women with breast or gynecologic cancer: a pilot study. Supportive Care in Cancer
  • S.K. Chambers, B.A. Morris, S. Clutton, E. Foley, L. Giles, P. Schofield, D. O'Connell, J. Dunn (2014) Psychological wellness and health-related stigma: a pilot study of an acceptance-focused cognitive behavioural intervention for people with lung cancer. European Journal of Cancer Care
  • Lesley Stafford, Elizabeth Foley, Fiona Judd, Penny Gibson, Litza Kiropoulos, Jeremy Couper (2013). Mindfulness-based cognitive group therapy for women with breast and gynecologic cancer: a pilot study to determine effectiveness and feasibility. Supportive Care in Cancer
  • Suzanne K Chambers, David P Smith, Martin Berry, Stephen J Lepore, Elizabeth Foley, Samantha Clutton, Robert McDowall,Stefano Occhipinti, Mark Frydenberg, Robert A Gardiner (2013).  A randomised controlled trial of a mindfulness intervention for men with advanced prostate cancer. BMC Cancer
  • Renner, P. & Foley, E. (2013). Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) at a college counseling and psychological service. In J. Pistorello (Ed.), Mindfulness and acceptance for counseling college students: Theory and practical applications for intervention, prevention, and outreach. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.​
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Suite 4, 364 Harbour Drive
Coffs Harbour Jetty

Monday, Tuesday & Friday 
Phone and Skype sessions are available for those who find it difficult to come in to the office. 
From time to time I will offer workshops for therapists.  The topics of recent workshops have been: Working with Narcissism, Transference & Countertransference, Boundary Testing and Working with Symbolic Material Including Dreams.   

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